👑The best of linuxpeople

Il #bestof gentedilinux è il momento in cui gli utenti votano il migliore della stagione.


How does it work?

The desktops published in the linuxpeople gallery, are published on the our dedicated Telegram channel, where users make their own judgments.

At the end of voting, the season ends, the votes are added up and select the winners that end up on this page.

There are 3 types of voting (like, dislike, 2nd phase). In the third type of desktop are re-proposed in the special seasons, where only the best desktops have access.

How to participate?

You simply have to send your desktop to the linuxpeople gallery.

Each desktop must represent a Linux customization, so install your favorite distribution and make it alive with your personality!

The voting channel is Italian but anyone can participate!

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Stato delle stagioni

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    August 2019

  • Current

    March 2020

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    April 2020